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Maximize Profitability. Eliminate Uncertainty.

Transportation Costing Group (TCG) is the premier Activity-Based Costing and Profitability Management software provider for the Truckload and Less-than-Truckload Carrier looking to achieve superior profitability.

Whether your business is running smoothly, or you’ve hit a few bumps in the road,
TCG’s Cost Information System (CIS) provides comprehensive insight into the profitability of your operations. Unlike optimization and cost-averaging systems, its powerful and easy-to-use Activity-Based Costing, Analysis and Reporting tools help you find the answers you need to get the results you want -- accurate and credible costs at the shipment level.

Because TCG’s CIS is professionally customized to reflect your Truckload or Less-than-Truckload carrier operations, it seamlessly integrates with your existing operations and financial management systems. Also, when you choose a TCG system, you can count on TCG’s Extraordinary Support team for continuing technical operational and analysis advice.

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